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Marlins announce Promotion Schedule - sort of

I can't find a complete list of the game promotions at this time, but Photi has a link which list enough to give you an idea.  He also has the link to the Marlins spring radio broadcast.

Photi doing all the good.

Fish@Bat presents a picture of the new Mermaids.  After you get through admiring their physical beauty, take a look at the color of the shirts they are wearing.  Which brings to mind the question: is the front office STILL trying to cram the color orange down our throats?  

I'm sorry, but for me, the Marlins colors do not contain orange.  The Marlins colors are teal, black and white.  And trying to force orange into the mix just reminds everyone of empty seats in that football we have to call home.

Drop the orange already!

Of course, orange may work for you, which is fine, but it doesn't for me.