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Game Today

Actually, there are games today.  We are going to get some split-squad action today.

Fredi is going to take one group and head to Viera to play the Nationals.  The others will be managed by Carlos Tosca hosting the Orioles in Jupiter.

For the Nationals game: Ricky Nolasco will start and the Nationals will begin with Tyler Clippard.

For the Orioles game: Mark Hendrickson gets the start along with Steve Trachsel for the O's.

Both games have a start time of 1:05 p.m.

There is no local radio coverage for either game.  Hopefully, I will be able to get the magical updating box scores posted for both games.  That is, of course, assuming both are available and my day job doesn't interfere again.  But even if I can't, Dan picked me up yesterday, and he may even do it today.

Oh, if are wondering why the borders of FishStripes are so screwed up, it has do with the Sun-Sentinal's tech guys not being able to type a headline.  Nice work fellows.

And as always, Have a Great Day!


Jupiter Updating Box Score

Viera Updating Box Score