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Injuries once again

Sadly, the Florida Marlins are picking up where they left off last season.

As Colombo reported in the Open Thread, Sergio Mitre has elbow problems.

It wasn't a stinging pain that Sergio Mitre felt in his right elbow. But it was a troubling sensation, a dull stiffening that cut short his outing Thursday and cast a gray cloud over the Marlins.

Mitre was lifted from his start against the Baltimore Orioles after facing three batters with what the Marlins are terming ''right elbow discomfort.'' The prognosis is uncertain, but Mitre said he expected to have his arm examined Friday in Jupiter.

Mitre wasn't lifted for precautionary reasons, this wasn't one of those Skip, I have one more in me things.  He was lifted because his throwing motion was all wrong.  

Fortunately, the Marlins have a better pitching coach this season and he noticed the problem from the dugout.

Early problems, such as this, to pitchers is a cause for worry.  Now, it may be nothing or it may mean he will miss a start or two.  But it could also be a sign of trouble ahead for Mitre.  With any luck, we will know today.

Mitre isn't the only one experiencing discomfort.

Bothered by some discomfort in his side, Marlins third baseman Dallas McPherson is being held back from game action for a few days.


Gonzalez didn't know which side of McPherson is feeling the discomfort, and it is unclear if it is oblique related.

The team says that the setback is not back related. McPherson missed all of 2007 recovering from back surgery.

It is good to hear it's not back related.  For McPherson's sake, I hope it isn't an oblique.  For it is, it could bother him for quite some time.

The worst possibility for McPherson is that the discomfort lingers and he is not able to compete for the third base position this spring.  And should that happen, he will start the season in the minors with the opportunity to work himself into the position later on.