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Larry Beinfest speaks

Larry Beinfest had this to say to the press yesterday.

Marlins executive Larry Beinfest said ''there's a chance this season you could see all six'' Tigers acquired for Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera. Not only do the Marlins believe they have found a potential top starter ( Andrew Miller), center fielder ( Cameron Maybin) and starting catcher ( Mike Rabelo), but Beinfest said the three other pitchers ``are all really close. Dallas Trahern and Burke Badenhop can be in the rotation eventually. Eulogio De La Cruz can be a set-up guy in the future -- he throws 100 miles per hour.''

This is just trade justification talk.  If all six play for the Marlins this upcoming season, not counting September call ups, something has seriously gone wrong.

Rabelo will make the team since the Marlins will carry two catchers.  Miller will almost assuredly be in the starting rotation and Maybin will get every chance but he could easily prove he is not ready yet.

If we see the other three before September, well then, nothing is going right.  That's not to say that one day they won't have a spot on the big club, but this isn't their time.