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Marlins base coaches wearing helmets

I'm not sure if I have posted this before since I read it earlier in the offseason.  But in case I didn't, the Marlins base coaches will be sporting a new look this season.

Bo Porter hadn't worn a batting helmet at third base since 2001, his last year as a major-league player. But as the Marlins prepared to bat in the first inning of Tuesday's exhibition game against the Miami Hurricanes, Porter slipped a helmet on his head and jogged out to the third-base coaching box.

"It's weird seeing him out there with a helmet on. You're not used to that," left fielder Josh Willingham.

Weird or not, shiny batting helmets in the first- and third-base coaching boxes will be a familiar sight on baseball fields from now on.

All base coaches in the majors are required to wear helmets as part of a new safety rule put into effect because a minor-league coach died last season after being struck by a line drive.

I have no idea whether the coaches are wearing a little league double-flap style of helmet or if the first base coach is wearing right-handed batters helmet and the third base coach a left-handed one.

I do know that there are times, given the position of the runners, that the third base coach isn't facing towards the batter.  In fact, he will almost have his back to the hitter.

As I write this I'm starting to get the idea I've written this before.  But no matter if I have or haven't, surely it is new to someone.