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Jeremy Hermida didn't get the memo

Jeremy Hermida has a plan for making up for the home runs lost in the Cabrera trade.

"Everybody has to pick up the slack," Hermida said. "You can't ask one guy to do it. You can't ask one guy to hit 30 homers and drive in 110 [runs] like Miggy does -- that's a lot to ask from somebody. If everybody hits three or four more, you've got another 18 or 20 more home runs. That's the way you do it. It's got to be more of a group effort. We've got guys who can hit in the lineup. It wasn't just Miguel Cabrera."

That putting the ball in play and not worrying about swinging for the fences idea, obviously hasn't taken hold yet.

The club faces an uphill battle trying to get that idea across, and it will almost be surprising if they succeed in selling it.