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Justin Miller is not a 100% Miller

Justin Miller's family surname wasn't always Miller.

There are no shortages of Millers in Marlins camp.

Three of the 71 players at Spring Training are named Miller: pitchers Andrew and Justin and outfield prospect Jai.

If all three make the team, there would be two J. Millers.

"I've been on a team with Trever Miller, but never this many," Justin Miller said.

Actually, Justin Miller noted that in his family history, his lineage wasn't always named Miller.

He is one-quarter Cherokee Indian, and generations ago, they had an Indian last name. But many years ago, when his family felt pressure to conform to American culture, they took on the name Miller.

"My family changed their names to Miller, Smith and Jones, because they wanted to fit in," Miller said. "We don't know our real last name. We're Cherokee Indian. We've done research."

Unfortunately for Justin, his ancestors who knew of the actual name died off without telling anyone.

"My dad has been looking for years," Miller said. "It's funny that I'm a Miller, but not 100 percent."

If I were him, I would claim that TATU was my original surname and the girl singers used it without permission.  And who knows they may still have a lot of money left over to make the lawsuit worthwhile.

Just a thought.