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Cody Ross speed demon

Cody Ross scores.

Getting the start in Tuesday's exhibition, Cody Ross walked in his first at-bat and reached on a questionable error call. Ross hit the ball hard to third base, but the shot glanced off a glove and was ruled an error.


Ross scored a run on Tuesday, crossing the plate on a wild pitch in the second inning. The twist was that Ramirez was at bat when a pitch drifted a few feet behind the catcher. Ramirez was holding Ross up, but the outfielder sprinted home without a play anyway.

"Cody is faster this year," Ramirez said.

Ross joked that Ramirez was seeking an RBI chance.

I've got to go with Cody on this one.  While I have no doubt that Hanley would wave him home if it were obvious he should do so, but if there is any doubt, protecting the RBI chance would prove the most lucrative for the Marlins short stop.

Yes, I know that the RBI chance didn't enter into Hanley's mind in making the decision.  However, it is nice to see that afterwards the Marlins were their usual same ol' playful selves. And after all, this is Spring Training, it's suppose to be fun.

Also, assuming Cody's sprint home had no physical cost, it appears that his hamstring is indeed good to go.