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Hanley Ramirez top fantasy player

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The USA Today has chosen Hanley Ramirez as their number one player in all of the fantasy draft world.

1. Hanley Ramirez, Marlins -- SS

Legitimate hitters (.332, 29 home runs in 2007) who can steal 50 bases are so rare that it makes sense to jump on Ramirez early. He's our No. 1-ranked player and should be a five-category player, especially if he ends up hitting third for the Marlins.

If I were in a non-keeper league, I'm not sure I would follow their advice.  Especially since it remains to be seen how Hanley has recovered from shoulder surgery.  I think I would take A-Rod if I had the first pick in the draft.

In a keeper league, it is entirely a different story, at which point taking Hanley first, makes a lot of sense.

Disclaimer: taking fantasy baseball advice from me is a guaranteed way to finish last in your league.