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Game Today

The Marlins open up the exhibition season with their traditional game against the University of Miami in Jupiter.

The Marlins pitching rotation is as follows: Bobby Keppel, Chris Seddon, Eulogio De La Cruz, Jesus Delgado, Taylor Tankersley and Lee Gardner.

The Hurricanes pitcher(s) have yet to be announced.

Game time is 3:05 p.m.

If you would like to hear the game it will be on 90.5 FM.  Should you not live in South Florida, you can listen to the live streaming audio here:  WVUM.

The expected starting lineup for the Fish will be the usual cast of characters.

The projected lineup will feature shortstop Ramirez, second baseman Uggla, first baseman Mike Jacobs, third baseman Jose Castillo, Rabelo, left fielder Josh Willingham, center fielder Cody Ross and right fielder Jeremy Hermida. Luis Gonzalez will be the designated hitter.

The starters will get at least one at bat a piece, or Fredi may go with two at bats, we will see.

Baseball is here, albeit, in the very early stages.  But here, nonetheless.

This is an Open Thread.