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Marlins Manatees

It turns out the Marlins Manatees tryouts were all the rage with the news media yesterday.

Jim B provided this link on Yahoo! News:  Manatees Tryout Video

In order to be a Manatee, Woody Allen was incorrect when he said that "90 percent of Life is just Showing Up".  It turns out that being a Manatee was 100 percent of just showing up.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here are your Florida Marlins Manatees.

But sadly, it may not end with just the dudes in the picture.

For now, 15 well-fed fellows are in place to be part of the weekend entertainment at Marlins games on Friday and Saturday nights at Dolphin Stadium.

"They're another team we're creating for weekend games to give the crowd a charge," Marlins vice president of marketing Sean Flynn said. "We're looking for big guys."

There are probably several ways to read the above statement, but the operative words to me are: "For now".  Which could very well mean that the search will continue, as if 15 wasn't enough.

Besides the Mermaids and now, the Manatees, the Marlins employ a couple other cheering squads.

The club also has a teen group (ages 13-17) called the Marlins Minnows, who perform during Sunday home games.

The Marlins Maniacs are a fourth promotional team the organization has. The Maniacs are more of an energy squad that will help initiate fan interaction. For instance, they may get a "wave" started by the crowd.

Did I miss the season ticket promotion where it said that if buy season tickets, a family member or a friend of the family will be on one of the promotional teams?