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Stadium News - Sort of

Well, today is the today that the new stadium is up for a vote, hopefully.

The issue of building a new Marlins stadium has been brewing for at least a decade, but on Thursday the team might finally get a new field.

The city of Miami Commission will hold an emergency meeting on Thursday morning. It will vote at 9 a.m. The county will vote on the issue at 1 p.m.

The deal has been the center of attention for many South Florida sports fans who want the team to stay in the area.

If the new stadium holds up in court, construction will begin in November.

The stadium deal should get through the city without a lot of problems or lengthy discussions.  The county will be little more of a fight, but it will probably pass.  (Assuming Braman doesn't show up with an injunction)

If you want to follow the County Commissioners deliberations, click on the following link:

Miami-Dade Stadium Deliberations

Here's hoping for the best!  I wish that I could live blog the two meetings, but I can't.  If you are fortunate enough to be able to follow the proceedings, don't be shy about keeping the other FishStripers informed in the comments.

Trust me, everyone will appreciate it.

In case you wondering if the proceedings today will be distraction for the players, don't worry, it won't.

Did you hear about the major potential announcement?

"Announcement?" Marlins reliever Henry Owens said. "What announcement?"

The announcement that could come after meetings, and then votes, by the Miami and Miami-Dade County commissions this morning and this afternoon, respectively?

"Vote?" Marlins starting pitcher Scott Olsen said. "What vote?"

Couldn't that make this a historic day?

"What, the Clemens thing?" Marlins outfielder Josh Willingham said. "What are you talking about?"


"I'm just kidding around," Willingham said, smiling. "I knew it was coming up. I just didn't know when."

If he knew, he was virtually alone. Many other Marlins were seriously, blissfully unaware of today's meetings, which could lead at oh-so-long last to the construction of a proposed $515 million retractable-roof stadium.

Ah, youth.  They are either trying to get ready for the season, get healthy or hoping to make the team.  Can't say that I blame them for not knowing.  Actually, it is pretty understandable.

But nonetheless, Go Stadium!