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Jason Wood player coach

Jason Wood threw batting practice yesterday.

Marlins infielder Jason Wood, 38, looked like coaching might be in his future when he finally puts down his bat.

On Wednesday, he threw batting practice for Jorge Cantu and Josh Willingham in the cages while pitchers and catchers ran drills on the field.

"He just volunteered. He said he was doing it all winter with kids," Cantu said of Wood.

Eight other position players used the ball machine to facilitate their workouts Wednesday.

Wood played 98 games, mainly at first base last season, and had a .239 batting average and 26 RBIs. He is a non-roster invitee this spring, like last year.

I hope that Jason took it easy on the guys.  Because if you remember Wood ended the 2007 season with the best ERA among all of the "pitchers" (0.00) and didn't allow a hit.  Of course, that was in only one appearance soft-tossing off the mound, but the numbers speak for themselves.