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Logan Kensing Interview

Not by me, of course, but by Joe Capozzi, who does these 60 seconds spots during Spring Training with some of the players.

The first one, I saw, was with Josh Johnson and how he is enjoying the new dad thing that happen during the offseason and unfortunately I didn't have time to post it when it was published.

Today's is with Logan Kensing.

What's most interesting thing you did this off-season?

Shot pigs out of a helicopter.

OMG, he did go to Texas A&M!  And I was hoping that was a typo in his bio.

(FYI: if you are familiar with the University of Arkansas mascot, that is the type of pigs he is talking about.  Not Arnold from Green Acres (Pulp Fiction reference) or Piglet from Winnie the Pooh (childhood reading reference)

Click on the link to read how the experience has inspired him to become a better pitcher.