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More Florida Marlins rankings

This one is by Eric Neel of ESPN and it is just curious to me.

12. Florida Marlins

Outfielder Cody Ross, who missed much of last season with a lingering hamstring injury, comes into 2008 strong, thanks to a new procedure in which blood cells are drawn from his arm, treated by what he calls a "high-tech machine" that isolates cells thought to contribute to healing, and later injected into his hamstring. You take part in injections of any sort and fly beneath the radar in this day and age, and forget high-tech, you're working some magic.

He has the Marlins ranked higher than the Diamondbacks, Dodgers, Red Sox, Angels, Indians, Braves, Mariners, Cubs and Brewers -- but behind the Royals.

Which brings the question to mind: does Mr. Neel write satire for ESPN?