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Mark Wiley getting his program in motion

Mark Wiley is the new pitching boss, and he ain't the same as the old boss.

Just about all the pitchers who threw bullpen sessions on Monday were once again back on the mound on Tuesday.

In pitching coach Mark Wiley's program, he has slotted a number of the pitchers to throw 'pens on successive days.

The schedule will shift slightly on Wednesday, as some will be held out while others keep throwing.

"It's Mark's program," Gonzalez said. "It depends upon the individual. But most of these guys have been throwing for a while. It's really only eight minutes, so it's not that much throwing. Some of the guys will take a day off, and they will throw live BP on Thursday."

Wiley has proven in the past, he knows what he is doing.  The only question remains: how many of the string stands were knocked down yesterday?