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Stadium News - Sort of

The Sun-Sentinel editorial board is supporting a new stadium for the Marlins.

Let's be honest here: If the new retractable roof stadium for the Marlins doesn't get built now, chances are good it won't happen.

After years of frustration, this is as close as the stadium has ever been to reality, and maybe as close as it ever will be. Particularly since tourist tax dollars, instead of state financing, is involved.

South Floridians should hope the financing plan agreements get worked out Thursday by the Miami City Commission and the Miami-Dade County Commission. As much as the arts and museums and parks are part of an area's fabric, so are the Marlins a big part of South Florida.


...the Marlins are a critical part of the community. It is best for the area if this deal comes to fruition.

BOTTOM LINE: Deal is important for

South Florida baseball.

It's nice to have one of the major news organizations onboard.  Hopefully it will help.

There will be more about the stadium deal tomorrow.  I'm still looking through the agreement and also I have been sent some interesting information.

But more tomorrow.