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The Frick Award

The winner of the Ford C. Frick Award will be announced today and the Marlins very own Dave Van Horne is in the running.

The other nominees are current and former play-by-play voices Tom Cheek (Blue Jays), Ken Coleman (Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds, Boston Red Sox), Dave Niehaus (California Angels, Seattle Mariners) and Dave Van Horne (Montreal Expos, Florida Marlins) and broadcasting legend Graham McNamee (NBC), who called 12 World Series beginning in 1923.

(emphasis is mine)

The winner of the award of the Ford C. Frick award is inducted into Baseball's Hall of Fame.

Frick Award winners, just as J.G. Taylor Spink Award winners for baseball writing, are honored in the "Scribes and Mikemen" exhibit between the Hall of Fame gallery and the Bart Giamatti Library of the museum.

Good luck Dave!