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Marlins new clubhouse rules

It seems that the clubhouse is going to be a little quieter this season.

No baseball clubhouse is library quiet.

But Gonzalez lowered the volume by several decibels Monday by banning boom boxes. Some players have complained that ear-splitting music became a distraction last season.

Gonzalez laid out the new team rule when he addressed pitchers and catchers in a closed-door meeting before the first workout. The manager underscored his edict by promising to buy iPods (with noise-buffering headphones) for those players who didn't own one.

iPods for everyone!

Of course, this could mean that Fredi will only supply iPods for those who make the 25-man roster and not all 70-plus in camp.  But then again it could be a perk for being invited to spring training.

But the ban of boom boxes isn't the only thing that is lowering the volume in the clubhouse.

"I'm used to Dontrelle sitting here loud-talking everybody and making a big scene," left-hander Scott Olsen said Monday, "but it's a lot quieter."

The boom boxes probably won't be missed, but I'm guessing Dontrelle will be.