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Josh Booty arrested

The former Marlin and current Fox Sports broadcaster, or at least until last night, Josh Booty, had a very bad night.

Booty, the older brother of Southern California quarterback John David Booty, was arrested by the California Highway Patrol after being pulled over on the 55 Freeway in Santa Ana, Orange County Sheriff's Lt. Hal Brotheim said.

During the booking process, the 32-year-old Booty -- currently working as a television and radio sportscaster -- became belligerent and deputies used the Taser, Brotheim said.

"After being Tased, he was fully compliant," Brotheim said.

Brotheim said Booty "fell to the ground, struck his head on the table on the way to the ground and sustained a black eye."

<biting my tongue>

In case you don't remember Mr. Booty.

He earned a then-record $1.6 million dollar signing bonus after being drafted by the Florida Marlins. He has a World Series ring and was once married to a Barker's Beauty from "The Price is Right."
He paid back most of that bonus and played quarterback at LSU, where he earned All-SEC honors.

He played in four games during the 1997 season at third base, going three for five at the plate, with a RBI.

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