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Another Marlins prediction

There is at least one of the these a day, this time of year.

So Peter F. of Wizbang Sports gives it a go.

Florida Marlins--The stadium is awful. The owner is the King of Fire Sales. The last sellout they had was during the 2004 World Series. Sure, there's talent. But does South Florida deserve an MLB franchise? (Correction: 2003.)

Uh Peter, you may want to make one other correction.  It is true the Marlins won the World Series in 2003, but the fire sale didn't happen until after the 2005 season.

Oh, and the first fire sale happened while Wayne Huizenga was the owner of the Marlins, not Loria.

Do I expect a non-Marlins fan to know all of this, not really.  They didn't have to live it.

And then we get to this:

"But does South Florida deserve an MLB franchise?"

I think so.  But then again that is only one person's opinion.

However, you are completely correct on this: "The Stadium is awful."