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Fredi in training

According to Mike Berardino, Fredi may be learning the ropes for his next job.

Interesting column here by Atlanta's fine commentator Terry Moore on what happens with the Braves when Bobby Cox steps aside someday.

For all you Fredi bashers out there, it might surprise you to see that Moore lists the current Marlins manager among the possible successors. Granted, Fredi would have to get things moving in the right direction here first, but it's not a stretch at all to think the Braves might want Fredi back someday.

This isn't the first time I have heard this.  It was always thought that Fredi would take over for Bobby Cox.  Which made it somewhat surprising that the Braves allowed him to interview with the Marlins.  But I guess if they thought it would easy to hire him back, why not let him get some on-the-job training.

Assuming it ever comes to the point that the Braves would offer him the job, once the great Bobby Cox steps down, it is not clear he would take it.

Sure, he makes his home outside Atlanta, but he definitely has South Florida ties also.