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Scott Olsen getting ready

Scott Olsen is preparing for the up coming season, with the help of his Mom.

The maids have just left, and Scott Olsen's condo is sparkling.

The sun is reflecting off a spotless Mexican-tile floor. On a shelf full of DVDs, under a flat-screen TV, framed photos of his mother are dust-free. On a glass coffee table in front of a brown leather couch, magazines like FHM and Maxim are stacked in a neat pile. And on top of that pile is a small hard-cover book.

"It's called Life's Little Instruction Book. It's a bunch of two-sentence things to improve your life. My mom gave it to me,'' he said, flipping through the pages before tossing the book back on top of a Jessica Simpson cover.

I actually own that book (more about that later), assuming it wasn't destroyed in my great closet flood closet of '08.

Still sticking with the mom theme somewhat.

Olsen's mother, who raised him alone after his father left not long after Scott was born, wouldn't comment for this story.

Read the article if you feel the need to, but my opinion is this: Olsen will be just fine and will turn into a quality starter in the major leagues.  All the while being a good teammate.  

There are too many comments by his present and former teammates to lead one to believe he his a jerk.

And anyway, the final advice of Life's Little Instruction Book is to call your Mother.

Which is always good advice.