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Winter Meetings - Marlins Style

The Marlins have some really nice digs at the Winter Meetings.

The Marlins’ suite on the 28th floor of the Bellagio has a jaw-dropping view of the water fountains and the Eiffel Tower of Paris, Las Vegas across Las Vegas Boulevard.

So far the Marlins haven't done much, but hey, it is early yet.

The point man in the lobby to find out all of the rumors is Jack.  Just like always.

Special assistant and former manager Jack McKeon has been dispatched to the lobby to serve as the team’s eyes and ears on trade rumors. “We told Jack, ‘You have to go down and pay attention to what’s going on,’’’ Samson said. “And he said, ‘But no one else is hanging out at the craps tables!’’’

The interesting thing about Jack performing the advance scout services is that he normally holds court outside of the venue.  Jack enjoys smoking his cigars, which isn't allowed inside the building, so he is usually found hanging around in the open air exterior of the building and everyone knows this.  So when the baseball teams want to discuss anything, they know where to find him.

And even if they don't want to discuss a possible trade they search him out, Jack is apparently one well respected and fun guy to hang with.  And who knows, he may even offer you a cigar for your efforts.  

I was going to go into the rumors, but really, they are the same as yesterday.  Cantu is being shopped, a backup catcher is being sought, along with a bunch of no hit glove men middle infielders.

As the meetings go on we may get some clarification.

Oh, one thing did standout.

Now, the Marlins are trying to trade Treanor, who could get $900,000 in arbitration, further reducing the competition for Baker. Treanor is recovering from a sports hernia operation after hitting .238 with two homers and 23 RBI in 65 games in 2008.

The Marlins haven't found many takers for Treanor, who will be non-tendered by Friday's deadline if he's not traded.

The Friday deadline is the last day to offer a contract to arbitration-eligible players.  If the Marlins do indeed non-tender Treanor, it will mean he will become a free-agent.

If the Marlins don't have a trade in the works for a catcher, I seriously doubt that they non-tender him.  That said, if the organization doesn't believe he can return from surgery to be the same very good defensive catcher he once was, then they might do it.

Whatever happens, we will know by the end of the week.

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