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The Winter Meetings - Marlins style

The winter meetings start today and the Marlins will definitely be window shopping.  Now, whether they barter, is of some conjecture.

A strong contingent of Marlins representatives have arrived at the Winter Meetings ready to wheel and deal.

In all, the organization has dispatched 25 team officials ranging from team president David Samson to Minor League scouts and trainers to the annual Meetings, which run from Monday to Thursday.


I'm not sure what Samson is going to add other than telling the baseball people: "We don't have the money."

Normally I don't do this but here is all of the rumors floating around.

RAYS -  ...On the trade market, Jeremy Hermida (Marlins) or Jermaine Dye (White Sox) could be inviting.

There is this from Jayson Stark of ESPN.

So it will be interesting to see whether they can build a Hermida deal around Jason Bartlett and a young starter (Edwin Jackson or Andy Sonnanstine) with Tampa Bay, or around infield prospect Jason Donald with the Phillies.

Woo Hoo!  Another light hitting infielder with a glove for an outfielder.  We need to stock up on some more of those.  Am I missing something, is there going to a big demand for light hitting infielders with a glove in the future?

For news concerning non-light hitting infielders with a glove.

Of all of the Marlins' remaining arbitration-eligible players, Uggla stands to get the biggest contract - anywhere from $5 million to $6 million - after hitting .260 with 32 home runs and 92 RBI last season.

The Marlins' front office is expected to arrive this afternoon for the start of baseball's annual winter meetings. Baseball Operations President Larry Beinfest won't comment on the team's strategy, but sources from other teams said they're under the impression the Marlins won't trade Uggla.

 So far, that is good news.

In more Hermida news:

Indications are that the Cubs have Florida Marlins outfielder Jeremy Hermida high on their list of possible hitters via trade and are looking at talented but injury-prone outfielder Milton Bradley via free agency. Bradley had until midnight Sunday to accept the Texas Rangers' arbitration offer but was expected to decline.

Of course what would the offseason be without inquiring about a player the Marlins don't need.

The next shoe to drop could be trading power-hitting third baseman Garrett Atkins....  They would like to deal Willy Taveras (Marlins, Yankees, White Sox have interest).

The only reason the Garrett Atkins information is included is that I could, possibly, get onboard for that one.  But back to matter at hand, just what the heck is Taveras suppose to do for the Marlins....cheer Maybin on?

 Then there is the situation at the utility player role.

Alfredo Amezaga, Robert Andino and newly acquired Emilio Bonifacio give the Marlins more utility infielders than they can possibly use, which could make Amezaga a trade possibility. But the Marlins prize Amezaga, could have Bonifacio start the season in the minors and might be more inclined to trade Andino, who is out of options.

Yeah, Andino has speed and is a glove man but he might actually hit a home run, can't have that.

And of course, the catcher situation.

John Baker has been picked as the starting catcher, but the Marlins like Max Ramirez. He would be a serviceable backup while his defense catches up with his bat. The Marlins might have more young pitching to offer than any club, but they value those arms highly.

I'm not sure Baker is a lock for starter, but if not, he is pretty close.  Given how good the Rangers are at evaluating pitching, the Marlins could probably keep all their good young arms and get Ramirez for a couple of ball boys.

Just to throw this into the mix.

(Jason) Varitek's agent, Scott Boras, who was due in here late tonight, always believes he can create a market for a player. While the market for Varitek doesn't appear to be vast at this point, Boras understands it's still early in the process and there are teams - the Tigers, Marlins, Dodgers to name three, who could use an experienced catcher. 

Oh, great, the same Varitek who earned over $10 million last season and batted .220/.313/..359.  Come on, Treanor hits that good and would save the Marlins about $9 million.

If the Marlins are looking for a mentor for the younger Mr. Baker and want someone to handle the young pitching staff, I can't understand why they are looking to trade Treanor.  Catchers are first and foremost members of the pitching staff, whether they want to be or not.  Offensive production is secondary to defense and handling the pitchers.  Treanor is very good at both of those aspects of the game.

It just seems curious to me that the team is willing to stock up on middle infielders who can't hit their weight, but demands one of the most important defensive positions (catcher) be an offensive powerhouse.

Maybe I'm missing something.

Anyways, there is your lead in to the winter meetings, what will come to pass?  Who knows.  Now, if I can just find my XM Radio.




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