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Brett Carroll can't catch a break

Maybe that is an unfortunate title, seeing how, Brett Carroll gets breaks, but not the good kind.

Marlins outfielder Brett Carroll missed the majority of the regular season with a right shoulder sprain. To make up for the lost time, the organization encouraged him to spend this offseason playing winter ball.

Looking to regain his timing at the plate, Carroll headed to the Dominican Republic on Oct. 19, where he hooked up with Azucareros del Este. Two weeks later, he was headed back home with a broken left hand, courtesy of being struck by a pitch.


Carroll returned to his home in Knoxville, Tenn., with a cast that stretched up to his elbow. A couple of weeks ago, the cast was removed. On Sunday, the right fielder is scheduled to be examined once again by team physicians.

If you would've asked me, I would've said he separated his shoulder when he ran into the fence.  But since I'm too lazy to go look it up, we will go with shoulder sprain.

Carroll has never caught a positive break.  He hit well in the rarified air of Albuquerque, of course a lot of players do.  He is an all out hustle guy with an outfield arm that is to die for.  Unfortunately, he has never been given consistent starts, with when up with the Marlins, so we've never seen what he can potentially do.

Normally, when the Marlins go searching for an outfielder, I would wonder why not give Brett a chance?  But sadly, he career seems cursed by injuries and no one can find a live chicken to cut off its head to take the curse off.

Hopefully, Carroll will be ready come time for Spring Training.