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Chum Bucket

It's Friday!  And not a moment too soon.

Wow, it is a balmy 23 degrees at time I am writing this, where I live.  If one person opens their mouth about how it is in the 70's in Miami, I swear I will......  Well, crap, there is nothing I can do but just long for times of old and dream of what may be in the future.

Let's check the sports landscape.  Oh, Woo Hoo!  Ball State is playing Buffalo in the MAC Championship game.  That has my sports watching agenda full.  Ball State was invited to a bowl earlier in the week to play against Boise State on the blue field.  Ball State said Uh, thank you, no.  I guess dummies need not apply to Ball State.  I would love to see Ball State and Boise State play head to head, but put it on a neutral field.

Today's quiz should be an easy one:  Who is the Marlins career leader in home runs?

Have a Great Day!