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Hot Stove - Marlins style

Once again, we get a Marlins hot stove report.  I really don't like the hot stove time of year, especially since most of the rumors are pure bunk.  Example: last season there was a lot of time and effort spent on guessing whether Cabrera would be traded to Dodgers or the Angels and what the Marlins would receive in return.  Then a the wink of a young girl's eye (I really need to move on from Bruce Springsteen for my listening pleasure.) he was traded to Detroit.

Nonetheless, here we go.

It turns out that the Giants GM is denying holding any trade talks with the Marlins about Cantu for Sanchez.

Sabean at the moment is not in trade talks with the Florida Marlins (Sanchez for Jorge Cantu) or any other team. "There's nothing on the front burner now," he said.


But rumors about the Marlins shopping Cantu keep coming.  Like this one from Jason Stark of ESPN.

The Giants aren't the only team interested in Florida's Jorge Cantu. There are indications the White Sox also have gotten involved.

All this tells me is that the Marlins are indeed trying to see what they can get for Cantu.  Should Cantu be traded, it almost guarantees that Gaby Sanchez will be playing first for the Marlins next season.  Should that happen, I don't have a problem with it.  Sure, Gaby will go through some growing pains as a hitter. (The pitchers in the majors are better than the ones in the minors and also, they adjust quicker to the hitter's strengths and weaknesses.)  But from my understanding, the boy can play defense and that shouldn't change in the show.  If he is starting first baseman, it will be nice to have someone on the sack who can pick throws out of the dirt and who doesn't allow routine ground balls to trickle into right field.

And that my friends ends today's hot stove report.



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