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Hot Stove - Marlins style

There are several rumors concerning some of the Marlins players and I'm not going spend much time analyzing them, or at least, until they become more concrete.

But here they are:

The first one.

The Giants and Marlins have discussed a trade that would send talented young left-hander Jonathan Sanchez to Florida for hard-hitting infielder Jorge Cantu.

When you think Jonathan Sanchez, think Andrew Miller.  He is a lefty with a high ceiling, but has trouble with his control.  In other words, he walks a lot of hitters.  Should the Marlins acquire him, I hope Baker is spending this offseason getting better at blocking pitches.  Because between J. Sanchez, Miller and most of the late inning bullpen pitches in the dirt are heading his way.

In a vacuum, this isn't a bad trade for the Marlins.  In fact, it fits their motif  of trading for a young guy with potential while unloading the more expensive "veteran".

But the Marlins don't live in a vacuum, and eventually they will need to be able to field a team.  (More on this just a little later in the post.)

The second one.

Word is at least eight teams have inquired about pitcher Anibal Sanchez, but the Marlins value him. ''We anticipated he would be inconsistent'' off shoulder surgery, Marlins executive Larry Beinfest said. 

I can't really imagine the Marlins could get much for Anibal at this time.  The boy can pitch, but he hasn't proven yet that he is fully recovered from shoulder surgery.  The real problem still remains, which is whether he can recapture is old form or not.  If he can, he is well worth the wait.  If the Marlins front office doesn't  believe that he will, they will unload him in a second.  But at this point, no one knows whether he will or he won't, so I don't see him going anywhere until he proves to the powers that be that he can't be the excellent pitcher he once was.

The third one.

I don't have a link to this one but it is being whispered across the blogosphere -- the Dodgers are inquiring about the availability of Cody Ross.  Should Cody be moved, and if there is any justice in this world, he won't., it will leave a big hole.

If that speed and defense thing is more than lip service, trading Cody would defeat both purposes.  Cody, statistically, is by far the best Marlins defender.  And he also carries the added bonus of hitting for power, something the Marlins may be short on if Cantu is traded, or even if he is not.

I have no idea what the Dodgers might offer for Ross, it may even be fair, but eventually the Marlins have to field a team.  And it can't be done with all middle infielders and pitchers.  Playing the outfield looks easy, but not everyone is good at it.  Heck, Hermida has been out there all of his life and he looks lost half of the time.

Like I said, I don't want to hit these very hard since they are just rumors, or rumors about rumors.  It is just to let you know.