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Chum Bucket

Now that we have peeled ourselves off the walls after celebrating the Rice victory.  (Okay, that was only me.  But hey, when your college team wins a bowl game only once every 54 years, these things happen.)  Moving on.

There are a bunch of bowl games today: the Helicopter Bowl, Men's Deodorant Bowl, Motel Bowl, Cable Bowl and the Chicken Sandwich Bowl.  It is tough to guess which one of these may be the best game but if I had to I would go with the Men's Deodorant Bowl.  Your thoughts may vary.

Of course there is always college basketball and I think professional hockey is on the slate.

But you by no means have to limit yourself to sports.  If you have something else on your mind, like which champaign contains the most alcohol, go for it.

It is the last day of 2008, so in honor of the year, Have a Great One!