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Stadium News - Sort of

This probably doesn't mean anything, but it is presented to keep you abreast of the situations.

Miami-Dade voters could get a chance to weigh in on a planned Marlins stadium if local governments and the team don't ink final deals before summer.
   A state senate bill, if passed, would ban government spending on professional sports teams without a public vote, effective July 1. 
   Legally binding obligations governments agree to before that date would be home free.
   The county expects a commission vote on Marlins contracts this month.

First things first, the bill hasn't passed the State Senate and it really shouldn't matter if it does.  We should know long before July 1 whether the Miami-Dade county commissioners are willing to agree to the contracts that still need to be voted on.

Of course, if they use Braman's appeals as an excuse to wait or if they pull a Cohen and want to see what the State Senate decrees, then there could be problems.  But I really don't think either is likely to happen.

Sometime in January Miami-Dade should formalize the agreement or God forbid, reject it.  The Senate's newest bill should have no bearing on the outcome.