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Chum Bucket

As we work our way through the short workweek which after today you will be two-thirds finished, that is assuming you are lucky enough to get the second  of January off, so let's see what is on sports for today.

After a quick perusal we find that the Most Important College Bowl Game of the Season is being played today.  Yeah, that's right, Rice is taking on Western Michigan in something called the Texas Bowl.  Now you may ask yourself, why is this game so important?  I will tell you, Rice is my alma mater and frankly they almost never make to a college football bowl game.  So this is big time.  I've seen both teams play on television and my beloved Rice may have bitten off more than they can chew, but it could be a good game.  And oh, if you want to see it, it is on the NFL Channel.  Nothing like the best exposure possible.

Also the Humanitarian Bowl (Maryland v. Nevada) and the Holiday Bowl (Oklahoma State v. Oregon) are taking place.  But really, who wants to watch quality ranked teams when they have chance to watch some unranked nobodies on channel 212 on their satellite dish?  No one. 

But if the bowl games aren't your thing, feel free to talk about anything your heart desires.

In the meantime, Go Rice!  (I'm pathetic.)  And have a Great Day!