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Derrick Turnbow still on the radar screen

I have no idea how seriously the Marlins are pursuing Derrick Turnbow, but he definitely sees the Marlins as a possibility.

Free-agent right-hander and former Brewers closer Derrick Turnbow has narrowed his options to three teams, including the Marlins.

According to a baseball source, the Marlins are "squarely in the mix" to acquire Turnbow, who turns 31 next month.

Turnbow is looking to re-establish himself after injuries and control trouble derailed what had the makings of a promising career after a 39-save season in 2005.

His decision could come as early as this week.


Turnbow's closing experience would allow him to serve as a potential safety valve for Matt Lindstrom, who assumed the job late last season.

The Marlins probably wouldn't offer Turnbow much in terms of guaranteed money. Look for any deal to come with plenty of incentive clauses for appearances and games finished.

Hopefully the earlier reports were correct that the Marlins only want to sign him to a minor league contract and see what he can do in spring training.

One of the other teams that has sparked Turnbow's interest is the Pirates.

Reliever Derrick Turnbow has narrowed his field to three teams, with the Pirates being one of them, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Once again, I have absolutely no problem with the Marlins bringing him into camp. just so long as he is not guaranteed a position.  If he earns it, fantastic.  If not, cut him as early as possible and let him catch on with someone else.

But still, something kinda scares me about this.   Beinfest has more than shown in the past a desire for a "proven closer" and stuck with the guy long after he made it clear he couldn't get the job done.  Now, in the case of Turnbow, that may not be the situation at hand.

I have no way of knowing what factors are important to Mr. Turnbow when it comes to selecting a team.  But if pitching in a beautiful park is a factor, JRS doesn't hold a candle to PNC.