I'm sure we have all thought about this before... (POLL INSIDE)

But I am extremely bored at work and figured we could all get involved in this (if for no other reason than to amuse myself). If this has been done here before... oh well let's do it again! Either way, here is what I have gathered you all here for!

If we could take out 1997 World Series team and peg them into a 7-Game series against our 2003 World Series team. Who would win?

In case some of you have forgotten, here is a breakdown of all the players who recorded any sort of statistic in each world series.



Kurt Abbott
Moises Alou
Alex Arias
Bobby Bonilla
John Cangelosi
Jeff Conine
Craig Counsell
Darren Daulton
Jim Eisenreich
Cliff Floyd
Charles Johnson
Edgar Renteria
Gary Sheffield
Devon White
Gregg Zaun


Antonio Alfonseca
Kevin Brown
Dennis Cook
Felix Heredia
Livan Hernandez
Al leiter
RObb Nen
Jay Powell
Tony Saunders
Ed Vosberg

now onto...



Miguel Cabrera
Luis Castillo
Jeff Conine
Juan Encarnacion
Alex Gonzalez
Todd Hollandsworth
Derek Lee
Mike Lowell
Juan Pierre
Mike Redmond
Ivan Rodriguez


Josh Beckett
Chad Fox
Rick Helling
Braden Looper
Carl Pavano
Brad Penny
Mark Redman
Ugueth Urbina
Dontrelle Willis

Me, personally, am going to toss my vote to the latter of our World Series victories. I'm sure some of you will agree or disagree. Some of you may actually just think I have no life since I am putting this together at work. Oh well.

Also, I know that it would be physically impossible to peg these two at each other thanks to a certain someone (thanks mr. marlin). So as a disclaimer, there is no way that this game will actually take place. Sorry if I got any of your hopes up.

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