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Florida Marlins still looking for trade action

The Florida Marlins still have their trading shoes on and are planning to be active in the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas.

Perhaps Florida won't make that big a splash when Major League Baseball gathers at the Bellagio in Las Vegas from Dec. 8-11, but the team expects to be busy.

"I anticipate we will be active in Vegas," Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest said. "When you get all 30 teams together, you have to take advantage of that opportunity. We'll use that time to meet and cultivate ideas and see in what areas we can improve ourselves."

In other words, screw the craps table we are going to roll the dice with player moves.

What they will do?  I don't know.  But it should be interesting and maybe frustrating.

I guess in about five days I will need to blow the dust off my XM Radio and start listening to all of the offseason happens.  But this I can almost guarantee, there is another shoe waiting to drop.  Whether it hits the floor during the meetings or later in the offseason, we will see.

Oh, I also found this tidbit.

If the Marlins can stomach the thought of parting with former top prospect Jeremy Hermida, they should find a nice package waiting for them in return.

If the Marlins trade Hermida, I hope that "nice package" includes an outfielder or two.  Because if it doesn't, one of our 22 second baseman will have to play left field when Cody moves to right.

For the time being, everything being reported is speculation and that is all it is.  Beinfest never tips his hand, he plays his cards way too close to his vest for that to happen.

While guessing what Beinfest will do may be folly, it doesn't mean it isn't fun.  So guess away, if you are so inclined.