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Fredi Gonzalez up for the TYIB award is once again asking for the fans to vote on This Year in Baseball awards, and Fredi Gonzalez is up for the manager of the year.

For doing a splendid job getting the most out of his team, Gonzalez is a finalist for This Year In Baseball's Manager of the Year. Fans are encouraged to cast their votes on

I quickly looked through all of the awards being voted on and Fredi is the lone Marlins representative.

I doubt that Fredi will win since this is a fan popularity contest and the Marlins don't exactly have the largest fan base in the game.  Also the fact that the TYIB awards combine both the National and American Leagues which means if the fans were so inclined to choose a winner from a small payroll team it would probably favor Joe Maddon.

Nonetheless, you can make your voices heard, no matter who vote for, and all you have to do is go to the following.

TYIB Awards

There are a bunch of things to vote on besides MOY.