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Florida Marlins buy Tanner Townsend's contract

Tanner Townsend is now with the Marlins organization.

Gary SouthShore RailCats third baseman Tanner Townsend - the owner of virtually every offensive record in franchise history and the 2008 Northern League Player of the Year - has been sold to the Florida Marlins, the team announced today.

Townsend, 28, will report to the Marlins' Spring Training complex in Jupiter, Fla.


I like that the OSC used Fla. as representative of the State of Florida.  That is way it should be, or at least, the way I think it should be.

I have absolutely no idea whether Mr. Townsend will be in the minor league camp or if he will get the chance to show his wares in the major league version.  Given his age, if he wants to keep the dream alive of playing in the majors, he needs to impress, quickly.  For his sake, hopefully he will.

But if I had to guess, he will probably just fill out one of the rosters down in the minors.  And if he gets lucky it will be Triple-A allowing him to make some decent money playing baseball, for a change.

I will say this, he did put up some pretty impressive numbers in the independent league.

Tanner Townsend Stats