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Florida Marlins going young in outfield

Apparently the Marlins going to give the young guys a chance to win an outfield slot.

Sammy Sosa is on the comeback trail, but don't look for the Marlins to be a potential destination.

Strong indications are that Florida is not interested in the veteran outfielder, who last played in the big leagues for Texas in 2007. Last year, the Marlins had outfielder Luis Gonzalez as a veteran presence to help mold the young club.

I would have no problem if the Marlins signed Sosa to a minor league contract and gave him a look see in spring training.  (Yes, I gonna keep writing look see.  You live in Southern Louisiana for awhile and I dare you to keep it out of your vocabulary.)

Watching some of the Rangers games in 2007 he seemed to be happy with being a spot starter in the outfield, and the fans liked him.  Also there is the ancillary benefit, he doesn't much care for the Cubs. 

 But the days are over where the Marlins sign an outfielder just for the sake of veteran leadership and a bat off the bench, or at least according to Joe Frisaro.

Rather than go with a veteran like Sosa, Florida is leaning toward giving a good look at some of its outfield prospects. John Raynor and Scott Cousins are close to being big league ready. Someone to monitor is left-handed hitting Logan Morrison, who tore up the Arizona Fall League. A first baseman at Class A Jupiter last year, Morrison is rising fast, and he is being looked at as a left fielder.

For some of the young guys it about time that they get a realistic shot at making the big club.  Morrison won't, or shouldn't make the club out of spring training.  He may very well be the left fielder of the future, but he needs some time to learn the new defensive position in the minors.  Raynor fits the bill on the speed part of what promises to be the new look Marlins, if you are buying that rhetoric.  And let's just say I'm still a bit cynical.

Off the top of my head, I can't remember which one between Cousins and Raynor broke their had hand/wrist in the fall leagues.  I think it was Raynor, but I could easily be wrong.  Not that it matters since whoever it was should be good to go come spring time.

Of course, if I had my druthers I would prefer that Brett Carroll get the longest look of all.  The boy has speed, is a great defender in the outfield and I'm not convinced yet that he can't hit in the majors.  Then again, there is a reason why I'm not the GM of the Marlins.