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Where are they now?

Two former Florida Marlins have possibly landed new jobs.

The first one is Mark Hendrickson.

The Orioles are close to reaching an agreement with free-agent pitcher Mark Hendrickson, and an annoucement could be made early this week pending the results of a physical.

Update: Hendrickson definitely will be in Baltimore this week to take his physical. An announcement of his signing might not come until late in the week because of the holidays.

Assuming the Orioles plan to use Hendrickson out of the pen, he should be a fine addition.  And also, he can make a spot start or two if need be.  Hopefully, the need won't be when it comes to spot starting.  As Hendrickson has proven, he is an asset out of the pen and not so much in the rotation.

The second is Brad Penny.

Needing a mid- to back-end of the rotation starter, the Sox were on the brink of signing former Dodgers righthander Brad Penny last night, according to a baseball source.

The agreement is a one-year contract for $5 million with performance bonuses that could add $3 million more, starting at 160 innings pitched, the source confirmed. The deal is pending a physical.

If Brad can stay healthy, big if, he is more than a "mid-to back-end rotation starter".  If not, he is exactly that.

Penny has never had much luck pitching in Boston, but then again, the sample size is awfully small.

Best of luck to the both of them.