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Chum Bucket

Yay!  We made it to Wednesday!  And at least for me, that is a success story.

Let's see what we have going on in sports today.  Well, not much, there is the Hawaii Bowl where Hawaii will be playing Notre Dame and that is about it.  My money is on Hawaii for the simple fact I remember when Rice, who was nationally ranked in the top five, would go to the islands to play baseball against Hawaii and would lose at least two of three.  When they came back to Houston the question was always: What the heck happened?  All the players responses were the same year after year, we were sunburned from lying on the beach too long.  I'm guessing the boys from Indiana will do something similar.  Could be wrong.

Should you want to talk about something else, have at it.  It is your Chum Bucket after all.

In the meantime, Have a Great Day!