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Robert Andino still being shopped

Robert Andino is still on the trading block, at least according to Joe Frisaro.

Even though the Marlins have been quiet since leaving Las Vegas, they continue to discuss moving Andino.

The 24-year-old backup infielder, who split his 2008 season with the Marlins and Triple-A Albuquerque, is out of options. If they can find a match in a low-level trade, they'd pull the trigger.

It isn't really hard to believe that the Marlins are still looking to trade Andino, especially since Robert is out of options.  Also there is the fact that the light hitting Emiio Bonifacio is now the flavor of the month.  It is not that Bonifacio brings any skills that Andino doesn't possess, other than, possibly, his lack of skills at Rock-Paper-Scissors.  But there are a couple of factors working in Bonifacio's favor, the first being: Beinfest is going to try and justify the trading of Olsen and Willingham for next to nothing.  The second is: if he totally tanks, he can moved down to the minors.

Should the Marlins not find a suitable trade for Andino, it won't be that big of a deal since they can send Bonifacio to New Orleans.  However, given what the Marlins front office accepted for Olsen and Willingham, I'm guessing they will go as low as  accepting a bag of balls in return for Robert.

If Andino is traded, I hope it is to some team where he get more playing time than he was getting with the Marlins.  The boy is young and has skills, and at this point they are being wasted on the Marlins bench.

Do I want to see him traded?  No.  But if he is, send him somewhere that he will be given a chance to play, everyday.