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Marlins mailbag

I normally don't highlight anything from the Marlins mailbag.  The reason being, most of the questions really don't interest me.  However, this one I found kinda of interesting.

Why don't the Marlins try to sign Brad Penny? He's a free agent and he could be affordable because of all the injuries last year. What do you think? Have you heard anything on that front? 
-- Erwin R., Homestead.

Erwin is looking for ways to improve the team, and that is commendable in and of itself.

Joe Frisaro gives his answer:

There is nothing on Penny returning to the Marlins. It doesn't look like there is a fit. Carl Pavano, on the other hand, is a name that keeps coming up. Pavano is a free agent to watch, if he remains unsigned in January.

Not a fit?  Oh, c'mon Joe, just flat out say it:  Penny is good and therefore will cost a bunch of money which the Marlins aren't willing to spend.  Pavano hasn't done much of anything since leaving the Marlins and could possibly be in the team's price range.

You don't have to sugar coat it, Erwin is a fan, he will understand the situation.  He may not like it, but he knows how it goes.

Yes, I know, there is the aspect that Penny would bump someone from the starting rotation and it is likely that Pavano wouldn't.  But really, it is about money.