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A shakeup at 790 The Ticket

The Marlins flagship radio station has made some changes, though none of them affect the Marlins coverage.  Hey, I have to blog about something.

790 The Ticket on Monday fired talk-show hosts Kevin Rogers and Larry Milian and announced plans to move Jonathan Zaslow to late mornings. Alan Strauss, Milian's cohost on the Dos Amigos late-night talk show, was retained but his role hasn't been determined, 790 station manager Howard Davis said.

Davis said the dismissals were driven partly by economics and partly by ``wanting to go in a different direction.''

Zaslow, who has been hosting between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. on nights without Panthers or Marlins games, will replace Rogers between 10 a.m. and noon, following Sid Rosenberg and leading into Jorge Sedano. ''Zaslow has done a great job and has earned that slot,'' Davis said. ``It's a promotion.''

Nothing like firing guys right before the holidays.  Then again, there is no good time of the year to receive the pink slip.

I will admit I don't listen to 790 The Ticket other than when Marlins games are being played since that is the only time I can hear them.  So I have no idea how much Rogers and Milian will be missed.  But hopefully they will catch on with another radio station very soon.