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Chum Bucket

It's Monday.  I mention that as a public service announcement for all of the teachers and students out there who are on break.  For those of us who don't get a month off during the holidays, it means the same pain it always does.

Surprisingly, there isn't a college bowl game tonight, or at least, I didn't see one listed.  The NBA, college basketball and hockey have games slated.  And of course, it is Monday night football time.

But sports aren't the only thing going, I mean really, there has to be other stuff.  If you are like me, you are spending your free hours wondering "why in the world did I pay all that extra money for expedite shipping and nothing is here yet?"   Don't me started on that.

Whatever the case, discuss anything that floats your boat.

Oh, in case you didn't see it, Gamefish gives her acceptance speech for Hook, Line Drive, & Sinker being one of the top ranked MLBlogs.  (A note to Gamefish: we would never let you slip down to #3,472.  We Like You!  We Really Like You!)  Congratulations once again to Gamefish!

Everyone, Have a Great Day!