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Florida Marlins interested in Derrick Turnbow

Apparently the Marlins have some interest in Derrick Turnbow.

Florida has inquired about free agent Derrick Turnbow, who formerly was a standout closer in Milwaukee. The Marlins' interest in Turnbow would be for a Minor League contract, with an invitation to Spring Training.

I have no problem with whomever the Marlins bring to camp on a Minor League contract.  I just don't want this to turn into: "He's our guy." from the start.

You remember the 2007 season of "He's our guy" closers.  First, we traded gave away for Yusmeiro Petit, who is by the way slated to be the number four starter for the D-Backs, for Jorge Julio.  Who we are still waiting for Jorge to get his first save as a Marlin.

Then the club traded gave away Randy Messenger for the next "He's our guy", Armando Benitez.   Who was an improvement over Julio, but was probably the worse member of the pen during his time with the Marlins.

Turnbow is coming off shoulder problems and he has difficulties with his control.  Sure, he has explosive stuff, but that is next to useless if the catcher is having to run back to the screen to retrieve it on almost every pitch.

Giving him a look see in the spring, isn't a bad idea.  And if he makes the club on his merits, great.  But he better not turn into "He's our guy" unless he earns it.

(One final note just for grins:  Jorge Julio is expected to be in the Brewers pen next season, the same Brewers who don't want Turnbow.  Now, that doesn't mean anything but I found it interesting.)

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