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The Netherlands WBC team

While the Netherlands are long shot to make a run at the title, there is something interesting here.

Bert Blyleven will serve as Delmonico's pitching coach.


The Netherlands' cupboard isn't bare.

Rick VandenHurk of the Florida Marlins and Jair Jurrjens of the Atlanta Braves and highly regarded Washington Nationals prospect Shairon Martis could be three of Delmonico's starting pitchers.


Please, Oh, Please I beseech you Mr. Blyleven, teach VandenHurk that killer curve ball that you used to dominated the majors during your prime.  Rick is a smart kid, surely he could learn it.  He already has a decent one and with a little coaching from someone who should be in the Hall of Fame, he might carry on the legacy.

I was fortunate enough to see Blyleven pitch in his prime when I was a kid, and he was absolutely devastating.