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Florida Marlins Free agents

Or at least what was the Florida Marlins free agents.  Unsurprisingly the Marlins didn't offer arbitration to any of their free agents.

Should any of the Marlins' Type B free agents sign with another club, the Marlins will not receive any compensation in return.

As expected, on Monday, the Marlins declined to offer arbitration to any of their free agents. The team has three Type B free agents: outfielder Luis Gonzalez, reliever Arthur Rhodes and catcher Paul Lo Duca.


I guess the Fish didn't want to roll the dice and risk arbitration with any of the three.  That, or, they couldn't afford anymore signing bonuses for the what would have been the new draftees.  Whatever the case, the Marlins won't be receiving compensation picks for letting the free agents walk.

Now that doesn't mean that Arthur or Luis won't be on the team next season, they won't, it just means the Marlins will be bidding against the rest of the league for their services.

For the players it is a double edge sword, in that, they probably could've made more in arbitration than they will be offered on the free market.  But it also means, their future suitors won't have to give up anything besides money to sign them.  Thus making them more attractive on the open market.

Aren't offseasons fun.