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Jacque Jones looking to rebound

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In case you were wondering what Jacque Jones was doing nowadays, and I'm guessing you weren't, he is trying to regain at least a portion of his old form in the Mexican Leagues.

After enduring a miserable season in 2008, Jacque Jones felt he had to get back to the basics. Not just work on his swing to become less pull-conscious, but start enjoying the game again.

Mexico was just the place for Jones. He had played there in 1998 before coming up with the Minnesota Twins the next year, and he remembered the games' festive atmosphere. Playing for the Yaquis of Ciudad Obregon in northwest Mexico also allowed Jones to remain relatively close to his San Diego home.

The experience has been everything Jones was seeking and more. In 29 games, before returning stateside in mid-November, the veteran outfielder hit .314 with three homers, 15 RBI and a .349 on-base percentage. Just as important, Jones felt good about his game again.

"I was having a blast down there," says Jones, 33, who is pondering returning to Obregon after a family vacation. "That's what the game's all about, having fun."


The Florida Marlins picked him up, but Jones lasted only 18 games with them, batting .108 with two RBI. He didn't play at all after June 10 and heard whispers he was done, so heading to Mexico had as much to do with regaining his stroke as it did regaining his confidence.

Asked whether major league scouts had seen him play for the Yaquis, Jones says that wasn't his concern.

"I did this more for my frame of mind than anything," says Jones, a free agent with a career .277 average and 165 home runs. "A lot of guys didn't think I could play anymore. I know I can still play. I know I can still be productive."


Hey, the Mexican Leagues worked for Jake Taylor and he ended up being instrumental in helping his team in winning the pennant.  Oh, that's right, it was just a movie.

But no matter, I wish Jacque the best and hopefully he will catch on with a major league club somewhere, just as long as he isn't wearing teal again.