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Matt Treanor is a Tiger

It is finally official, Matt Treanor has signed on with the Tigers.

The Tigers announced Thursday they have agreed to terms on a one-year contract with catcher Matt Treanor.

Matt signed on for a one-year contract of $750,000.

Perhaps, former Marlin, Todd Jones has the best quote.

When asked about Treanor, Jones said in a text message, "He's a good fit. He handles pitchers well. His wife is cool. He'll be a good addition. He's a valuable backup who can really throw. He's dependable behind the dish."

One part of Jones' quote is very relevant to a concern of my friend Ian of Bless You Boys.

Oh, have I mentioned that Treanor is married to Olympic gold medal volleyball player Misty May-Treanor?  I'll have to consult with Craig from our SB Nation Marlins blog, Fish Stripes, to see how best to utilize this for boosting web traffic.

Ian hasn't asked me yet, but here is my advice: Go all Misty all of the time.  That is the surest way to boost traffic.  Sure some of the long time readers of Bless You Boys will bring up questions like: wasn't this once a site about the Tigers?  Ignore them.  Misty equals hits -- it is just that simple.

Sadly, possibly stupidly, I couldn't ever convince myself to do an all Misty site.  But perhaps Ian has what it takes.  If he does, he will soon have the most traffic in the SB Nation.

In other former Marlins news, Aaron Boone has signed with the Astros.

Trying to fill the hole left when third baseman Ty Wigginton wasn't tendered a contract last week, the Astros signed veteran infielder Aaron Boone to a one-year, $750,000 contract on Thursday.

The deal, which also includes performance bonuses, gives the Astros the chance to have Boone and Geoff Blum share time at third base while also allowing prospect Chris Johnson an opportunity to earn the spot out of spring training or later in 2009.

I really don't have much to say about this, other than, good luck Aaron!