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Hawaii Winter Baseball calling it quits

Hawaii Winter Baseball will change and not for the better.

Hawaii Winter Baseball won't return for 2009, league officials said yesterday after its three-year contract with Major League Baseball ended.

"It's safe to say it won't be back (next year)," HWB sports information director Kyle Galdeira said.

Without major league prospects filling the rosters, HWB owner Duane Kurisu is not interested in running a "cheap version" of the four-team league, according to Galdeira

The Hawaiian League never got the notoriety that the Arizona Fall League did, but that doesn't mean it wasn't important.

There have been many good players who past through the HWB on their way to solid careers in the majors.

It was always a dream of mine that the Marlins would call and want me to scout the HWB.  Of course, that call never came.  Which was probably for the best since it's kinda hard to scout players while consuming drinks with umbrellas in them and watching the Hula dancers on the beach.  In my defense, I would've copied someone else's notes in the bar later that night.

The HWB will be missed.